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Boat Slip & Real Estate Sales & Marketing

AMM's marketing operations are organized under their sister company, Phoenix Marketing Group. Phoenix-Atlantic Companies own and manage several websites, sales offices and phone rooms with services designed to market real estate products, marinas and boat slips.

• Fee Simple Boat Slips
• Co-op Slips

• Dockominiums
• Rackominiums
• Equity Yacht Clubs
• Private Yacht Clubs

• Fractional Slip Sales
• Long-Term Leases
• Investor Bulk Sales
• Club Memberships

There is a wide array of transaction structures which are used to transfer VALUE of a boat slip. A Fee Simple structure is easily understood by nearly all prospective buyers. Unfortunately though, most slips do not fall in this category as the majority of submerged lands are NOT owned by the marina.

When the submerged land is not owned fee simple by the marina - this is where creativity creates complex structures that are often difficult for prospects to understand. In many instances - those actually selling the slip don't fully understand the structure either. This does little to instill buyer confidence.

AMM understands the many different types of transaction structures and hybrids that have been developed. Our professionals know how to present the benefits of each structure and how to advise prospects in assessing the value of the transaction.


Our teams have developed several types of sales tools to assist prospects in their assessments including the largest database of comparable sales information.

AMM can market for you as independent agents, can be your in-house marketing team or can help you create your program on a consulting basis. We can design and execute your marketing programs from start to finish - or we can simply show you what to do.

We have over 20 years of ad agency creative and campaign management experience and can bring your project to life. Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

  • Direct Mail
  • Email / Internet Marketing
  • Direct Response
  • Print Publications
  • Event Marketing
  • Syndication
  • Broadcast

Our compensation is based on the amount of work we do and/or the sales we make depending on the type of relationship that fits your need.

  • Non-Exclusive Agency
  • Exclusive Agency
  • In-House
  • Consulting

For those who are looking for advertising venues to increase visibility and market penetration, we also have a Subscription Listing Service at www. slipsandracks.com where you can list your inventory (for sale or for lease) which we in turn advertise to a large internet audience.

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